Q:   What is the best way to care for my new piece?

A:    Always hand wash and avoid soaking.  Food-safe oil can be applied as needed.  I sell a "wood salve" in  the shop that is a blend of local beeswax and raw linseed oil.  Please email me with any other questions.


 Q:  Where do you source your wood?

A:  All of b+b pieces are made from Middle Tennessee hardwoods.  All of my raw material comes from local trees that were downed in storms or had to be removed by arborists


 Q:    Do you do custom pieces?

A:    I will occasionally accept commissions.   Email me and we can discuss.


 Q:   Do you do wholesale and bulk orders?

A:    Yes! Email me to discuss. billetandblade@gmail.com 

Q: What the heck is a billet?

A: A billet is a small (but thick) piece of wood. The word originates from an old french word “bille” which means “tree trunk”.